IJIBR Vol 12 Issue 1

International Journal of Innovative Biosciences Research

January-March 2024

Effect of Bentonite and Clay Based Drilling Fluid on Haematological Parameters and Metabolites in the Muscle of Heterobranchus longifilis
Patani, Dudutari Edmund and Inyang Iniobong Reuben
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Cultural and Metagenomics Characterization of Bacterial Associated With Selected Eggs of Domestic Birds in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Otayoor, R.A., Akpan, U. M., Dieware, G.K. and Abowei, J.F.N.
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Oryctes owariensis Larvae As Vitamin Supplements For Man And Livestock
Dr Ukoroije, Rosemary Boate & Otayoor, Richard Abalis
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The Need For Upgrade Of Medical Infrastructure Of Tertiary Institutions In Bayelsa State
Ubodium Deghilipulu & Berezi Perekebina Kimia
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Assessment Of Variability, Heritability And Correlation In Some Lowland Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Genotypes Evaluated For Tolerance To Flooding In Anwai, Delta State
E. U. Uwuigbe, B. O. Ehirim, P.G. Eruotor & I. C. Akaogu
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