IJBLR vol 6 1ssue 4

October-December 2018

Brand Awareness and Market Performance of Food and Beverage Firms in Rivers State, Nigeria
Harcourt, Horsfall & Ozo Johnson Ubaka (Ph.D)
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Business Education Students’ Innovative Ideas and Skills Acquisition in a Recessed Economy
Dr. Okiridu, Obulord S. Frank & Bupo, Godwin Omoni
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Effect of Firm Characteristics on Financial Performance of Listed Firms in Nairobi Securities Exchange
John Karori Nyamiobo, Willy Muturi, Walter Bichanga Okibo,Tobias Olweny
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Cashless Policy in Models of Economic Growth: The Nigerian Evidence
Ibe, R. C. PhD & Odi, E. R. PhD
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Understanding the Role of Company Secretary in Ensuring Good Corporate Governance in Nigerian Public Company
Nzarga, Felix D. & Mohammed Ibrahim
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Students’ Performance in Financial Accounting: Implications for Business Organizations In The Niger Delta
Bupo Godwin Omoni, Oboh Augusta Omonze & Nwosu Favour Chimerenma
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