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IJIDPS Vol 12 Issue 2

April-June 2024

Combating Youth Unemployment In Katsina State: An Assessment Of S-Power Program (2018-2022)
Nasiru Umar; Yusuf Abdu Yusuf & Abdurrashid Sagir
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The Role of Community Policing in Curbing Jungle/Mob Justice in Rivers State
Mackintosh, Ugochukwu Chukwuemeka (Ph.D); Mackintosh, Chinyere Linda & Mazzi, Udiomine Jonathan
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Theoretical Perspectives Of Insecurity And Farmers Herders Conflicts In Nigeria.
Ajayi Johnson Kolawole; Adesiyan Victor, PhD & Adetola Rahman
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Impact Of Banditry On Adult And Non-Formal Education Programs In Some Affected Local Government Areas Of Sokoto State, Nigeria
Fauziya Isiya Bakori; Lawali Zakari & Abubakar Abbas
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Development Of Goats And Sheep Production In Sokoto
Abubakar Tukur Muhammad
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IJIHENS Vol 12 Issue 2

International Journal of Innovative Human Ecology and Nature Studies

April-June 2024

Provenance And Health Risk Of Rare Earth Elements From The Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Beds, Anambra Basin, SE Nigeria
Uzoegbu, M.U. & Onwualu-John, J. N.
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Perception Of North Western Communities On Educational Development Of Internally Displaced Children And Its Implication To Future Security: A Case Study Of Sokoto State
Lawal Garba Samaru & Bashar Ibrahim
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Modeling the Effects of Banditry on the Commodity Pricing and its Implication on Socio-Economic Development
Bashir Abdul & Nuraddeen Yusuf Adamu
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Influence Of Banditry On Adult And Non-Formal Education Programs In Some Affected Local Government Areas Of Sokoto State, Nigeria
Fauziya Isiya Bakori; Lawali Zakari & Abubakar Abbas
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Analysis Of Causes Of Drug Abuse Among Senior Secondary Students With Hearing Impairment In Government School For The Deaf Malumfashi, Katsina State
Abdulsalam Rilwanu & Ismail Hassan
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IJILLAS Vol 12 Issue 2

April-June 2024

Reference Grammatical Cohesion In Isa Kaita College Of Education Students’ Writing
Murtala Suleiman Madugu
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Anxiety Challenges towards Students’ Participation in Learning English as a Second Language among Secondary School Students in Katsina State Nigeria.
Ibrahim Shehu Gali & Bala Salisu Abubakar
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The Effects Of The Constructive Approach In Achieving Concord Maintenance In Writing Composition: A Case Study Of N.C.E II Students Of The Dr. Bala Usman College, Daura, Katsina State
Danladi Danjuma & Murtala Shafi’i
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Acoustic Analysis of the English Diphthongs /ou/ and /ei/ among Hausa Native Speakers in Northwest and Northeast, Nigeria
Bashir Aliyu
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Challenges And Prospects Of Code-Switching And Code-Mixing Among The Bilingual Students Of The Two Colleges Of Education In Katsina State
Hussaini Shehu & Lawal Yau
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Reading Culture: A Panacea For Educational Development To Students In Tertiary Institutions: A Case Study Of Isa Kaita College Of Education Dutsinma, Katsina State
Ibrahim Mohammed
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Harnessing the Tourism Potentials of Ibi Festival of Agbarho Community in Delta State, Nigeria
Duruvwe, Erhuvwu Blessing & Martins U.E Tugbokorowei Ph.D
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Reflections On Chimamanda Adichie’s The Thing Around Your Neck And Other Stories
Obogbaimhe Patience
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IJIER Vol 11 Issue 3

International Journal of Innovative Education Research

July-September 2023

Influence Of Parent-Child Relationship On Creativity And Psychological Adjustment Of Secondary School Students In Anambra State
Ursula Ifeoma Oparaugo, Maria Kosisochukwu Chukwuemeka, Florence Ngozi Ufearo & Ngozi Ogechi Ezechinyerem
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Acquired Human Capital And Career Advancement Of Graduates Of Business Education In Rivers State
Nwile, Charles Befii, PhD & Kayii NumbaraBari Emmanuel, PhD
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Influence of Workload on Teachers’ Job Performance in Private Secondary Schools in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State
Koko, Maureen. N. & Uzoho, Florence
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Management Styles As Correlates Of Teacher Job Performance In Public Secondary School In Anambra State, Nigeria
Chukwueze, Aloysius Chimezie
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Relationship Between Information Communication And Technology And Lecturers’ Productivity In Public Universities In Rivers State, Nigeria.
Edo, Barineka, Lucky & Egwurugwu, Doris Chikaodi
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School Social Capital And Impact On Mental Health And Suicidal Ideation Among Undergraduates In Tertiary Institutions In Enugu State, Nigeria: Psycho-Social Initiatives
Okeke, Nkechi Uzochukwu (Ph.D), Agu, Anthonia Ngozi (Ph.D) & Onyekwere, Odirichi Ifeoma
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Accounting Teacher’s Integration Of International Financial Reporting Standards For Teaching In Rivers State Secondary Schools
Tende, Sodiala Augusta; Koko, Maureen Nmema & Bupo, Godwin Omoni
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Teachers’ Perception on the Challenges in the Implementation of School Based Assessment in Public Secondary Schools in Rivers State of Nigeria
Essien, Enobong Jackson (Ph.D)
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Experiential Learning Processes and Business Education Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention Development in Rivers State Owned Universities
Prof. Maureen, N. Koko; Badey, Nsikan Tornubari & Bupo, G. Omoni (Ph.D)
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Principals’ Competences As Correlates Of Students’ Academic Achievement In Public Secondary Schools In Anambra State
Umeh, Nathaniel Chukwumobi (Ph.D); Oputa, Ngozi Sarah (Ph.D) & Agu, Jude Chukwuemeka (Ph.D)
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Excess Workload and Lecturers’ Job Performance in Faculties of Education in Rivers State Universities
Prof. M.E. Akpomi & Elendu-Ikenga, Chisom Solace
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Assessment of Secondary School Chemistry Teachers’ Knowledge of Objective Test Construction in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria
Ode Jackson Ochigbudu; Akpoghol, Timothy Vershima & Odoba Joy Ihotu
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Influence of Test Anxiety on Academic Performance of Mathematics Students in Public Senior Secondary Schools in Port Harcourt Metropolis
Orinemi Dennis Horsfall & Hillary Wordu
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Demographic Sources of Stress and Management Strategies used by Health Workers during Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown in Rivers State
Dr. Adubo, Tamunobelema Tamunokuro
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Competency in Lesson Planning: A Field Report of Pre-service Integrated Science Teachers in North Central Nigeria Universities
Jackson Ochigbudu Ode Ph.D & Msuur Tofi Ph.D
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Competency Improvement Needs Of Business Teachers For Effective Teaching Of Business Subjects In Secondary Schools In Anambra State
Dr. C. N Ementa & Chikodili  Nwankwo
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Promotion As A Predictor Of Teachers’ Job Engagement In Public Senior Secondary Schools In Rivers State
Deele, Tornubari & Prof. S. O. Oluwuo
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Business Education Students’ Entrepreneurship Skills Acquisition on the Employability Potential of Undergraduates in Ignatius Ajuru University of Education in Rivers State
Augustine IWEYAH (PhD) & Chinwe Ogonda NMERUKINI
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Management of Work-life Harmony For Service Delivery In Secondary Schools In Rivers State
Uzor, Mercy & Prof. G.G Kpee
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Delegation Of Authority And Effective Administration In Rivers State Owned Universities
Dr. Okai Faith Izeuma & Kevin, Chimezie Priscillia
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Management of Learner-Learner and Learner-Content Interaction in Virtual Synchronous Learning for Academic Improvement in Private Secondary Schools in Rivers State.
Chinonye Gift Igoni & Samuel O. Oluwuo
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Blended instructional approaches for Improved Instruction in Office Technology and Management (OTM) in Public Tertiary Institutions in South East, Nigeria
Ugwu Jerry Agha
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Management of Caregivers’ Competences and Service Delivery in Early Childhood Education Centres in Rivers State
Uchenyi, Tochi Ifeoma & Dr. (Mrs) Ukaigwe, Patricia C.
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Investigating The Effective Methods Of Assessing Learning Outcomes Among Learners With Special Needs In Tertiary Institutions In Oyo State
Joseph Olusola Fehintola, Ph.D
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IJIPSD Vol 12 Issue 2

International Journal of Innovative Psychology & Social Development

April-June 2024

Influence of Counselling Services on Psycho-Social Behaviours among NCE English Language Students in Isa Kaita College of Education, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State
Suwaiba Lawal & Salisu Bala Abubakar
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Survey On Challenges Affecting Women Occupation In The Hotel Industry In Katsina State
Sa’adiya Abba; Ibrahim Muhammad & Mohammed Usman
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Challenges Of Implementing Psychomotor Skills In Teaching And Learning In Tertiary Institutions In Katsina State: A Case Study Of The Department Of Educational Psychology, Isa Kaita College Of Education Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State.
Binta Muhammad Yarinchi
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Problems Facing Students With Physical Disabilities In Tertiary Institutions In Katsina State: A Case Study Of The Department Of Special Needs Education, Isa Kaita College Of Education Dutsinma, Katsina State.
Binta Abdullahi Ammani
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Comparative Study Of Influence Of Introversion/Extraversion Personality Traits On Secondary School Biology Students’ Achievement In Niger State. Nigeria
Ekaette-Nkok Anietie Enang
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Problems And Prospects Of Communication Strategies For Learners With Severe Learning Disabilities: A Case Study Of Demonstration School, Isa Kaita College Education Dutsinma, Katsina State
Ismail Hassan & Bello Karofi
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Challenges Faced By Visually Impaired Students Of The Department Of Special Needs Education, Isa Kaita College Of Education Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State
Abdulrahim Halilu Jikamshi
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Early Childhood Intervention Programme In North West Nigeria: Present Level And Strategies For Sustainability
Mansur, Shehu
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IJISSHR Vol 12 Issue 2

International Journal of Innovative Social Sciences & Humanities Research

April-June 2024

Educational Budgetary Control And Educational Cost Benefit Analysis As Correlate Of Resource Utilization In Public Senior Secondary Schools In Bayelsa State
Moses, Abai & Prof. U.J. Nwogu
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Role Of Community Policing In Reducing Crime In Rivers State
Mackintosh, Ugochukwu Chukwuemeka. (Ph.D) & Mackintosh, Chinyere Linda.
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Assessment Of Inter-Governmental Fiscal Relations And Performance Of The Local Government System In Nigeria: A Case Of Iseyin Local Government, Oyo State
Ajayi Johnson Kolawole; Ahmed Jeleel Abioye; Adetola Rahman & Popoola Emmanuel K
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Understanding The Educational Development Of Internally Displaced Children In Some Part Of Sokoto Senatorial District And Its Implication To Future Security
Lawal Garba Samaru & Bashar Ibrahim
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Effects of Tertiary Education Trust Fund Intervention Policy on Academic Staff Development of Polytechnics Jigawa State, North Western Nigeria
Auwalu Isah
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Electoral Frauds As Human Rights Abuse: The Case Of Nigeria
Bieh N. Nwoke & Douglas O. Nwaokugha
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Selected Public Sector Spending And Economic Growth In Nigeria
Amadi, Kingsley Wobilor & Hassan Haggai Audu
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Identity Crisis And Cultural Integration In Selected Short Stories Of Chika Unigwe
Obogbaimhe Patience
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Historical Analysis Of Major Global Conflicts Of The 21ST Century: Implications For Security In Nigeria
Okpanachi, Aluda & Amana, Isaac Akogwu
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Work-family Adjustments and Women Marital Responsibilities: Emphasis on Bank Workers and Teachers in Benin City, Nigeria
Diana Uwaila Oboite
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IJISSER Vol 12 Issue 2

International Journal of Innovative Social & Science Education Research

April-June 2024

Curriculum Implementation Challenges Encountered By Secondary School Teachers In Katsina Local Government Area, Katsina State.
Abubakar Umar
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Sports Entrepreneurship Management and Revenue Generation: Information and Communication Technology as a Panacea for Sports Development in the universities in South-South Nigeria.
Itie Beatrice, Akarah Emmanuel Oghenebrorien, Nabofa Eric Ochuko & Emefe Oghenevwairhe
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Effects of Kidnapping on Students Enrolment among Tertiary Institutions in Katsina State
Kabir Magaji & Salisu Bala Abubakar
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Appraisal Of The Regio Emilia Approach Utilization To Early Childhood Education In Katsina State
Abu Abubakar
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Influence Of Instructional Materials On Biology Students’ Achievement In Chanchaga Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria
Dr. Ekaette-Nkok, Anietie Enang
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Effects Of Jigsaw II Learning Strategy On Senior Secondary Ii Students’ Attitudes Towards Learning Heat Energy Measurement In Sokoto State, Nigeria
Abdullahi Abubakar; Sani Idris & Ahmad Rufa’I Abdullahi
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Influence Of E- Learning Applications On Academic Performance Of Adult Learners With Special Needs In Tertiary Institutions In Sokoto State, Nigeria.
Bashar Ibrahim & Salamatu Abdullahi Moyijo & Faridah Dahiru
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Differentiated Instruction: Exploring Classroom Opportunities Through The Use Of Technology For Students With Mild Learning Disabilities In Mathematics Classroom In Senior Secondary School In Sokoto State
Ahmad Abdullahi & Dr. Abdulrahman Umar
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Relationship Between Reasoning Ability And Academic Performance In Chemistry Among NCE Students Of Isa Kaita College Of Education Dutsinma, Katsina State
Bello Isa Karofi & Ismai’l Hassan
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Influence of Frequent Testing on the Academic Performance of Students in Public Senior Secondary Schools in Akwa-Ibom State.
Obilor, Esezi Isaac & Akwawo, Unyime Kennedy
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Impact Of Insurgency On Senior Secondary School Students’ Attitude And Achievement In Mathematics In Adamawa State, North East, Nigeria
Alexander Musa, Bala G. Attah & Thomas D. Bot
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IJIER Vol 12 Issue 2

International Journal of Innovative Education Research

April-June 2024

Influence of Higher-Order Test Items on Examination Malpractice among Students in Universities in Cross River State
Obilor, Esezi Isaac & Ikpi, Patience Eni
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School Management Practices And Teachers’ Job Performance In Public Senior Secondary Schools In Rivers State
Edo, Barineka Lucky & Johnson, Bulopakaye George
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Impediments To Effective Implementation of Adult Literacy Programmes in Port Harcourt Metropolis: Implications for Adult Participation
Onyesom Chukwunweike Barnabas & Dr. Daerego Taylor. I
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Impact of Principals’ Educational Qualification And Experience On Performance Of Public Secondary School Teachers In Kebbi State, Nigeria
Sambo, Maiyaki, PhD
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Assessment Of The Impact Of Motivational Strategies On Job Performance Among Upper Basic Education Teachers In Katsina State, Nigeria
Ibrahim Lawal
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Professionalism As A Challenge Teacher Education In Tertiary Institution In Isa Kaita College Of Education Dutsin-Ma Katsina State
Sanusi Yusuf
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Imperatives for Office Technology Programme Curriculum Restructuring as Appraised by Stakeholders of Nigerian Polytechnics to Meet the 21st Century Office Demands
Ammani, Abubakar; Iro, Dikko Mani, PhD & Liti, Ammani Abubakar
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Enhancing University Education Standard To Meet Skills Demand And Supply In Nigeria
Stella Ofor-Douglas Ph.D
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Influence of Family occupational Background on Agripreneurship Intentions and Academic Performance of University Students in Federal University Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria
Ikpe, Ijuo David & Akagwu Rosemary Laruba
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Enhancing Mathematics Learning In Senior Secondary Schools Through Technology-Based Differentiated Instruction: A Case Study Of Sokoto State
Ahmad Abdullahi & Dr. Abdulrahman Umar
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An Assessment Of Teachers’ Variables On Students’ Academic Performance In Economics In Yobe State, Nigeria
Mohammed Liman; Babagana Brah & Mansur Shukurana
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Assessment of PowerPoint and Internet ICT Skills as Correlate of Business Education Lecturers’ Instructional Effectiveness in Colleges of Education in South-South Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria
Juliana Unwanynin Okudare & Prof. B. E. Okoli
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Utilization Of Zoom Technologies And Google Classroom For Instructional Delivery By Business Educators In Tertiary Institutions In Anambra State
Ogbuefi, Theodorah Ogechukwu & Ile, Chika Madu
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Infrastructural Facilities Provision For Enhancing Educational Goal Attainment In Public Primary Schools In Rivers State, Nigeria.
Joyce Chisoma Wodi & Rejoice Hosanna Naenwi
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An Assessment Of School Location And Socioeconomic Status Of Parents On Students Academic Performance In Some Selected Senior Secondary Schools In Yobe State, Nigeria
Mohammed Liman; Dahiru Ibrahim Meri & Babagana Burah
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Soft Skills as Correlates of Teaching Competency of Business Studies Teachers in Secondary Schools in Port Harcourt Metropolis
Prof. M. N. Koko & Igonikon, Da-Opu Promise
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Strengthening And Promoting Human Rights And Human Rights Education For Sustainable Peace In Nigeria
Douglas O. Nwaokugha & Onyinyechi F. Abiakwu
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IJIFNSA Vol 12 Issue 1

January-March 2024

Food Insecurity And Associated Factors Of Students In Delta State-Owned Colleges Of Education
Nwankwo, Theresa Ovueyakporie & Odibo, Mabel Ovokeyen
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Perception Of Medical Practitioners And Nutritionist On The Consumption Of Processed Residue Of Legumes On The Reduction Of Cardiovascular Disease Among Aged Persons In Bayelsa State
Berezi Perekebina Kimia & Gbeghebo, Ayibadinipre Jennis
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Amino Acids Profile Of Two Edible Insect Larvae In South Southern Nigeria: Rhynchophorus phoenicis Fabricius (1801) And Oryctes owariensis Beavois (1809)
Ukoroije Rosemary Boate, Amadi Gloria Ijeoma, Otayoor Richard Abalist
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